Friday, October 15, 2010

Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Artis Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro, 'Break' Shooting Singing Focus

Alessia Cestaro latest young star to play recorded perform in a play on the soap opera MUSLIMAH striping. And suddenly the virgin birth of Makassar, 30 November 1989 appeared as the singer was marked by the launch of their debut single hits the "Gara-Gara Kamu" CongQ creations under the label Nagaswara officer.

Indeed, the singer is not ideal, woman who was familiarly called Ale this, but as a hobby and every day singing in the shower, keep honed his talent, especially when followed singing contest celebrity SUPER MAMA.

"In the beginning there I practiced singing with a true, serious, and the routine because it is SUPER MAMA celebrity coach for singing technique to control the stage," she explained at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Tuesday (23 / 3).

The entry into the world singing Ale support could not be separated from the closest people who know talent terpendamnya. "They say why do not dilanjutin. Yes, eventually could be like this, having met with Mr. Rahayu," said Ale.

As New Comer, the eldest of two siblings was admitted there are still many shortcomings and need a lot to learn for the future can appear to sing better. That's why she's willing to break before shooting and focus on singing.

"Actually want both, soap operas and singing, but for a while the focus had to sing, one day return to soap operas. If there is a chance I want both of them can walk," she concluded.

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