Monday, October 18, 2010

Foto Seksi Artis Gorgeously Georgyna Rising Star 2010 Model Majalah Popular

With charm and looks beautiful, these women challenged the badboy to abide in his presence.
Georgy, so the virgin birth 21 years ago this used to be called. As the name implies he was so charming. No wonder, he easily conquer the opposite sex without having to spit a lot of action. To POPULAR, woman of German descent was admitted FTV busy with various projects and some titles that have starred, among others, Romance Long Beach, Angel of Bangka, she's not Cinderella, and Sweet Latte. In addition to being a foothold in her acting career, a row of the cinema project is also a list of his love adventures. However, whatever is offered by a man from the world of entertainment, National University student majoring in International Relations, admits only interested in the badboy from ordinary people. Anyone?

Gorgeously Georgyna

Gorgeously Georgyna

How busy you in entertainment?
Current-current only. In addition to shoot-shoot FTV and nge-DJ, I also have to finish college. Although a bit disturbed, just let me be still traveled fast pass.

Are you enjoying your busy this?
Of course. Moreover, the typical television movie filmed in various areas such as Lombok, Bengkulu, and Bandung. Usually done filming for a week. So tasty it all the streets.

Means you have been involved love the location?
Of course I had. Love the location was very exciting and can add our chemistry to the opponent to play during the shoot. After filming does go back to each world.

Gorgeously Georgyna

Gorgeously Georgyna

How long will ye love affair location?
I love the location just during the shoot alone. There is also ongoing after the shooting. Usually after a month finally feel does not fit so it's better 'break'.

The seriousness of you during love scene?
Yes, just a funny-persiflage only on the set.

More than that?
Nothing. Only a spoiled, spoiled of course, hehehe ...

The difference is the same location dating ordinary love like?
Maybe love is more to the destination location to explore the role. Every day see you finally feel there is chemistry. Because the only fun-call for the strengthening of acting so cinlok rarely durable. If the usual courtship was more 'in' because her business more personal.

Gorgeously Georgyna

Gorgeously Georgyna

If 'off' if there is a grudge?
Cinlok that more is nothing to lose. So that's 'broken' so be it, there is no element of hurt. Unlike ordinary really with going out can be up to cry out loudly and shut himself in the room.

How many times have love scene?
Many deh. There are 5-6 times seemed hehehe ...

Once there was a man who hurt you because putusin?
Seems to be no because we both know if cinlok was like what. So mutual understanding only.

Never bring your spouse to the parents love the location?
Not ever. I'm not the type who immediately introduced my boyfriend to the parents. If not serious, parents do not need to know. Fear will be considered like mutually boyfriend.

Have you ever a victim's lack of man?
Yeah, I've become the victim and was also the person who is not serious about them. So now I'm looking for casual to serious guy.

There are specific criteria?
He must badboy.

Instead of typical badboy is a difficult man to deal seriously invited?
Indeed if the succeeded in making a serious player or badboy be very challenging. Succeed in changing the guys like this is a challenge.

How do you look for change?
Just play hard to get! Let me not be considered a slut by them. The term does tame-tame pigeons. So the guy who had no serious intention of even so protective and follow wherever hihihi ...

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