Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foto Seksi Artis Sheila Marcia Joseph " Sexy Army Girl "

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia: Anji Mom Dear to Tisya

Until the age of seven months, Leticia Charlotte Agraciana Joseph (Tisya) singing star daughter Sheila Marcia Joseph have also been invited to spend the night at the family home Anjie, who is also father of the baby.

"Tisya always the same I am, I never nginep at Anji family. But if he wanted to come so come just okay," said Sheila Marcia when found in Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (09/29/2010 .)

But when invited to visit the family Tisya Anji, very pleased with the reception oma and grandpa's medication, especially mother's Drive vocalist who always spoiled him.

"Anji Mamanya very same affection Tisya, Tisya already so dimanjain really like daughter. Tisya now still need me," said Sheila Marcia.

Tisya postpartum, Sheila Marcia began to re-entering the world of entertainment, even the spirit to work to regain its footing. The existence of the child, not a problem to continue working, even every chance he often brings his son to the location.

"Got kids become more innate. Ribet practically does not. I take the child because omanya want to come so all are invited, and I is not no motivation's okay," she said.

Sheila Marcia who have been involved drug cases is also determined to raise a child alone, even in the midst of a solid. Even now he can not quite believe in babbysitter, so that the child is always taken care of himself, who assisted his mother, Mary, Joseph.

"I do not want to be kept others for not believing aja. If you use expensive babysitter, for I was not too important, too," she concluded.

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