Saturday, October 16, 2010

Foto Artis Cantik Indonesia Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia Biography :

Nyimas Shandy Aulia was born in Jakarta, June 23, 1987. Shandy Aulia is known as an actress sineton and feature films.

Women who once starred in ads Rexona version 'Burket' it is the fourth child of four children and has acted in soap operas and movies Imaginary Girlfriend Eiffel I'm in Love and What Is It Love?.

In Eiffel I'm in Love, Shandy Aulia again paired with actor Samuel Rizal, who later became his boyfriend. In addition, Shandy Aulia previously also been a lover actor Roger Danuarta.

Long did not appear on the big screen, it turns out the artist who is studying psychology in college and was busy taking care of only child. Although Shandy Aulia is known not married, but he already has an adopted son was 5 years old.

Shandy Aulia is more often appear on the big screen, it does not mean do not want to appear in soap operas. He just prefers the appropriate character for he played. One of them is HAREEM, soap opera that aired on Indosiar stripping. His appearance on the screen can also be enjoyed through the soap opera suddenly married.

Related to love life. After a failed relationship with actor Roger Danuarta, Shandy Aulia prefers boyfriend from among the ordinary people, not from the celebrities. But she still conceal the identity of her lover.

Although not exposed by the media a lot, it turns out Inayah actor has had a lover. Although never performed together, but Shandy Aulia has acknowledged his mama sweetheart.

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