Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foto Nakal Artis Indonesia Sheila Marcia Joseph Part 2

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Sheila Marcia Joseph

Event Cover Girl 2004 paved the way for girls 20 years long, Sheila Marcia Joseph. She managed to amaze the jury to waltz with the title.

From here, Sheila Marcia started up the role of art. She started his acting skills in films extracurricular (2006) with Jose Ramon Tungka (Guest VJ Ramon) and Metha Yunatria. The film made by director Nayato this Fio Nuala won the best film title at the FFI 2006, although later annulled because it is considered cheating.

Sheila Marcia then starred in a horror film titled Ghosts Purut Oranges (2006) which then catapulted him. The film tells about the death of a novelist who often writes horror novels.

A fan then visited the area funeral of the famous Orange Purut armature to meet with the ghost in question. Sheila Marcia role here to make his name widely known.

The next year, Sheila Marcia starred in two films. a romantic drama movie genre and one genre of horror. Film drama titled Love directed by Sheila collided Sony Gaokasak require acting with Vino G Bastian, Fedi Nuril, and Hayria Faturrahman. Sheila Marcia played in a horror film titled Indika Entertainment production Horror Movie.

Besides movies, Sheila Marcia also play a role in the art world in the soap opera. Soap opera titled debut Love. In the soap opera who was appointed from the same titled movie, Sheila beperan with Irwansyah. She also plays a role in some other soap opera namely Flowers of Love, Love, and more honey.

Inul As Manager

Sheila Marcia wants to have a good career. Hence, no doubt, Sheila took artist dangdut singer who is famous for rocking ngebornya, Inul Daratista. From Inul, Sheila Marcia admitted getting a lot of lessons on how to carry yourself in entertainment.

Under the guidance of Sheila Inul plans will soon release a new album. But it delayed so Sheila trapped drug case. Promo album Inul failed and reportedly suffered a loss.

After serving his sentence and was free of February, actually Inul and Sheila Marcia still has a cooperation contract. But Inul is also a mother to understand the condition of Sheila.

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