Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Foto Model Seksi Astrid Pratiwi di Majalah Popular

"Astrid Pratiwi" From Ugly to Sexy

Familiar with a horrendous series Ugly Betty American mainland? POPULAR model this time is a 'Betty' with his own version. Starting adolescence as a geeky girl, he managed to 'mix' face and his body became as interesting as that displayed on this page.
Since small, Astrid Pratiwi admitted she was not pretty. Let alone to attract the opposite sex, they just hang out with him already embarrassed. But, it first! The model was born in Bandung, May 7, 1987 tells of how the transformation from a geeky girl to become a sexy, shapely figure. Well, with what is obtaining today, it's no wonder soap opera actor Aqso and Madina is so confident to look sexy in all conditions. But to her bikini and lingerie, only to be places perdaratan POPULAR who first sensual poses. Glad We've choosen the right magazine, Astrid Pratiwi!

Astrid Pratiwi

Astrid Pratiwi

Hi Astrid, you're really busy huh?
Actually not really busy-busy. My daily is like this, shooting, casting, and go shooting.

Since when are you interested in these things?
Since high school I've started to pursue the world model. As usual, it begins by following the shooting in some teen magazine.

You think you have talent?
I mean it really undergo this field, not just look sexy.

Astrid Pratiwi

Astrid Pratiwi

Did you often look sexy?
If I look sexy hell every day, but if for sexy photo shoot like this I was the first time.

Feeling nervous?
First of all yes, but shooting team POPULAR make me comfortable, so long indifferent.

Not scared of the consequences out there?
That is the opinion of those? Bodo very lah. If you always think about the opinion of those will make my headache.

Do you feel preoccupied with this shoot?
Yeah, I like to pose bikini and hotpants which I've been modeling. Incidentally, I was again a good mood.

Astrid Pratiwi

Astrid Pratiwi

Does this mean you like her lingerie?
Love it, especially if bustier. I always wear it everyday whether it is going clubbing or shopping, but if limited to a thin lingerie on the bed alone.

Got plans for clubbing wearing lingerie?
I actually like being the center of attention, but when I have to wear lingerie clubbing thin in places, so do not. I'm not that much really.

You're not afraid to be disturbed guy that always look sexy?
Not bad, as long as they are not brash.

But it never bothered you?
Yes, most visited continue diiming lure something.

Forms iming-imingnya like what?
There are some desperate guy who offered me a car, house, and some that took me so simpananannya. But I do not like it like that.

Would I like stored-seasonal goods store? If I is not no sense, given the house would not make me interested. I'd rather date than the deposit.

The ideal man for you like?
I like the old man who was not handsome, not white, and not poor, hehehe ...

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